ExamOnline is licensed on an annual subscription basis. The annual license fee is based on the number of candidates / students using the system each year. There is no limit on the number of tests each candidate can take. The license fee includes full software support. The ExamOnline package includes :

  • the complete software package (authoring / delivery / results / etc);
  • the database;
  • the browser lockdown technology (Microsoft Windows only);
  • unlimited administrator / author accounts;
  • full software support.

In short, everything you need to run both low and high stakes e-assessments. You need no other software licenses, and there are no hidden extras. The only extra cost is if you opt for on-site training, or if you have specific support requirements. Typically you will install the software on your own server within your organisation (we can usually do this for you, assuming your IT department allows it). However we also offer a hosted account option (see below).

ExamOnline Pricing

ExamOnline subscriptions are shown in the following table. Quotations for larger candidate numbers are available on request.

Candidates ExamOnline Software Secure Browser Unlimited Admins / Authors Database Annual License
200 tick tick tick tick £2,995
250 tick tick tick tick £3,570
500 tick tick tick tick £5,625
1000 tick tick tick tick £8,510
2000 tick tick tick tick £11,080
3000 tick tick tick tick £13,020
4000 tick tick tick tick £15,225
5000 tick tick tick tick £16,600


All prices quoted by Intelligent Assessment Technologies Ltd. are in GB Pounds, and are exclusive of VAT. All products are sold subject to Intelligent Assessment Technologies Ltd’s software License agreement. Intelligent Assessment Technologies reserves the right to change its prices at its sole discretion.

ExamOnline Training

It’s extremely rare that our customers need any training to use ExamOnline. For those that do however, on-site training is offered at £1,000 per day + expenses. Maximum group size is 5.