ExamOnline Features

ExamOnline has been designed to deliver high stakes summative assessments in higher and further education. It has all the features you would expect from an online assessment system:

  • You can create questions, assemble them into question banks, and use these question banks to create tests for online delivery, all through a standard web browser.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of automatically marked question types, including several variants on multiple choice, gap-fill, numeric answers etc.
  • You can schedule tests for delivery to different groups of students.
  • You can view the results of tests online and export results to Microsoft Excel.

However ExamOnline also differs markedly from other online assessment systems:

  • It is designed to support human marked as well as computer marked question types. Most notably this means real support for essay/extended answer questions and hand drawn sketches (click on the menu on the left hand side for more details)
  • It is scalable (meaning that you can test as many candidates at one time as your IT suites can accommodate) and it is robust (meaning that it transparently copes with network and server outages during examinations).
  • It makes managing summative online examinations easier. For example, you can allow extra time for specific candidates or groups of candidates; you can run an invigilated examination without prior scheduling; you can track the progress of candidates during an examination.

We believe, and our customers tell us, that these and other features make running summative high stakes online examinations with ExamOnline easier and more reliable than with other systems.

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