Secure, Robust, Scalable


ExamOnline enforces strong passwords for all users and can be delivered over SSL, the same technology which protects you when you use online banking.


Reliability is a common concern when it comes to high stakes online exams: ExamOnline has been designed from the ground up to be as reliable as it’s possible to make it. The system has no single point of failure, is tolerant to intermittent or prolonged network / server outages, and recovers transparently:

  • ExamOnline keeps a synchronised copy of candidate answers in memory, on the server, and on the local hard drive.
  • Answer are saved automatically and asynchronously.
  • In the event of a network or server outage, answers are still saved to memory and to disk. The candidate is not aware that there is any problem.
  • As and when the network/server recovers, the system automatically resynchronises with the server. Again, the candidate is unaware of this.
  • In the event that communication with the server cannot be re-established at the end of the examination, ExamOnline allows candidate answers to be saved to a back-up server.
  • Even in the event of a prolonged network failure, ExamOnline allows candidate answers to be saved to local disk or USB stick.
  • Answers saved to back up server or USB stick can subsequently be imported into the system database.
  • This is all accomplished using a standard web browser, with no client install required.


ExamOnline is based on enterprise level Java server technology, software which is built to support thousands of concurrent connections. Our customers routinely test as many candidates at one time as their IT suites can accommodate, something they cannot do with other systems.