Support for essays and extended answers

Most e-assessment systems are very good at supporting multiple choice questions (and variants) but not at all suitable for supporting open, essay style questions. ExamOnline has been specifically designed to support the e-assessment of extended answer and essay examinations.
essay large

The key features are that it :

  • provides a familiar word processor interface for candidates to enter their answers, supporting cut and paste and simple formatting
  • automatically saves candidate answers as they type. This is a crucial feature in a test where a candidate may spend a long time answering just one question
  • is tolerant to intermittent network / server outages, and recovers automatically and transparently (learn more)
  • supports blind on-screen marking by question, by multiple markers
  • supports insertion of comments for feedback
  • includes support for hand-drawn sketches to be assessed alongside the online test (learn more).

ExamOnline is unique in this specific support for essay style examinations, and the fault tolerance developed to support these kinds of tests also comes into play in all other ExamOnline tests (multiple choice, etc). And remember, this fault tolerance is all achieved through a standard web browser. There is no requirement to install any software at all on the client computer.